Michael Wallach

Chief Operating Officer

Michael began his career in homecare in 2015 at Preferred Home Care of New York, one of the largest and fastest growing agencies in the New York market, and spearheaded multiple projects that have since become procedural cornerstones at this agency.

His major undertakings include the creation of a Compliance Program from the ground up, and creation of Risk Management & Quality Assurance, Authorizations, and Patient Support departments. He also designed a training and reference manual which completely overhauled how the Patient Coordination team is trained and operates.

Joining Ultimate Care in January 2020, Michael was able to successfully navigate the significant challenges that COVID-19 posed for the industry in general, and Ultimate Care specifically.

Combining his natural affinity for order & structure with extensive knowledge of the homecare industry, Michael Wallach has established himself at the helm of operations at Ultimate Care and affiliated companies. Michael’s goals are transparent: build the robust operational structure of an agency, inspect regularly, and adjust the nuts and bolts as needed.

Overseeing the expansion of Ultimate Care into new counties, lines of business, and acquisitions in other states outside of New York, Michael brings his extensive operational knowledge of all aspects of a homecare agency to continue the growth and success of Ultimate Care.

Team of Professionals

Parx Home Health Care

Is managed and operated by professionals that are licensed in the State of Florida in the field of Health Care. We are privately owned, AHCA Licensed, Medicare Certified, CHAP Accredited and insured Home Health Agency.

Our caregivers speak many languages including:





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