Melissa Salazar

Director of Operations

Melissa Salazar is the Director of Operations for Parx Home Health, a leading home health care company. Melissa brings several years of experience in managing diverse teams, developing day-to-day maximum efficiency processes, and fostering a positive work environment. Which has allowed her to cultivate strong relationships with clients and team members, earning their trust and loyalty. She takes pride in fostering a collaborative and supportive work culture, attracting, and retaining talented individuals who share a passion for providing exceptional home health care. Driven by her passion for helping others, she continuously seeks innovative solutions to enhance customer experiences and exceed expectations, assuring she leaves a lasting impact and provides clients with the care and support they deserve.

Team of Professionals

Parx Home Health Care

Is managed and operated by professionals that are licensed in the State of Florida in the field of Health Care. We are privately owned, AHCA Licensed, Medicare Certified, CHAP Accredited and insured Home Health Agency.

Our caregivers speak many languages including:





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